What Is It And When Using Ofra Cosmetics For The Evening Makeup

Evening makeup differs from daytime makeup, both through the range of products used and the makeup technique. It is used when we have an important event that takes place in a place where such a makeup is right. If we are passionate about makeup, we can do it alone at home.

We will show you how to make a step-by-step makeup so that the final result is a WOW, without it being different from a professional evening makeup made at a salon. There are several types of evening makeup, We can mention the classic evening makeup, the smokey eyes makeup or the “cat eye” makeup.

Making the evening makeup with ofra Cosmetics

Making your evening makeup takes a long time to make up your makeup, because we’ll use a lot more products, we’ll be more careful about the details, and we’ll use it to fix different skin or face problems (eye enlargement, Lips, narrowing of the nose or face etc.).

Techniques for making the evening makeup With Ofra Cosmetics

These vary according to the outcome we want to achieve.

– If we want to emphasize the eyes, we can opt for a look “cat eye” and fake false eyelashes.

– If we want an impeccable complexion and a perfect face shape, we rely on the “contouring” technique (shadowing with the bronzer to create a perfect face shape) or the “strobing” technique Where the sun comes naturally with the help of illuminators).

– If we want to emphasize our lips, we can choose a “shadow” makeup – on the outside of the lips a darker shade, then inward, the shade becomes more and more open. Thus, the lips will look more bulky.

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