Do You Want To Earn Money With Your Blog?

First of all, we think it is very important to always keep in mind whether the commercial content fits well with our blog. Blog is real make money online way. If not, then not. The moment you have to reject something that would be good, you bale, but later you will be grateful that you did not. Your credibility is paramount.

Secondly, it is very important to keep transparent to your readers. How can you do this? For example, by writing under an advertorial: “This blog post is in collaboration with …. Written. “Or:” This is a sponsored message. “Or:” Adv. “On your social media channels, keep it transparent when posting sponsored posts #spon or #adv. Then it is immediately clear what people are facing.

This way, you know immediately that a blogger does not get paid for it. In fact, I think the relationship with a successful blogger with many readers is around 80-20%, sometimes less, sometimes more. It also depends on the subject and size of your blog, I think. But if a blogger adheres to the rules (which are simply, through an advertising code), then you know exactly when something is sponsored and when not. Take a look!

We also find it important to be open to others: yes, we deserve money with our blog and no, we are not ashamed of it. Why would you be ashamed to make money with something you put your whole soul and bliss on? Nothing needed. We therefore tell with love to our environment or to readers in what ways we deserve money.

And if fellow bloggers have questions about how they could handle certain things, commercially, we’re also happy to help. Therefore, it happens regularly that we are called or emailed by medebloggers who have questions. You are colleagues, you can help each other. In the past we were also very well advised by other bloggers and we were always very pleased with that! Why should you also be secret about it?

Fortunately, maintaining a blog is an increasingly accepted job, and fewer people are surprised when you tell your blog money. In fact, more and more people are surprised that we do not yet have full time work and are still working for a boss – but that’s the only thing about blogging. It takes a little longer before it provides a full-time salary for two people.

Another important message we want to convey to you is: Make sure your blog is balanced. When you put on business things, your readers will soon get enough of it. It may seem tempting to tackle everything offered to you, but then again: your credibility really goes to the buttons and it’s hard to fix it again once you’ve gone that way. Apart from this, we cannot imagine that you would like to maintain your blog – but that’s another story.

Finally, we want to inform the bloggers: please do not snap yourself in. Do not accept orders for the fast money, if it’s jobs you’re not really behind. Also, do not accept assignments that you have to do a lot, where you spend a lot of time, to get a much too low amount of money. Additionally, it is just too often that parties who offered a long price, but ahead of time, agreed we made the highest demands.

Then we got back mailings asking if we wanted to change or remove things from the article – never let yourself be tempted! We’ve made that mistake in the past, but we learned a lot about it. You can take yourself seriously as a blogger, even if you do not have a very big deal!

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