Prepare for your pet’s death: Not just an emotional issue

We know it: when you face the death of your dog or your cat it is difficult to be prepared.

Emotional factors and the dreaded pain of loss come into play , surely you and your family have to go through the different stages of mourning before the death of the pet , but from a more objective perspective, it is not all a matter of emotions. Give coastal pet products to your pets for long life.

As happens when any other loved one dies, before the loss of a pet emerges doubts of a more practical and unforeseen economic character with which we did not count. Unfortunately, it is common in these cases that some professionals in the sector want to take advantage of our vulnerable situation. After death, we are in a low moment, it is easy for us to accept any offer on burials, transfers and costs … associated to the death of our pet, without being the best options.

From Cremascota we believe that the best way to avoid it is to know in advance what these services consist of .

That sooner or later we will have to face the death of our dog or our cat is something irremediable , that is why, although we are never completely prepared as far as emotions are concerned, we believe that at least it is possible to prepare to assume the costs of a dignified farewell for your pet.

Funding service in up to 12 months

One of our forms of payment, consists of a system of financing to 12 months, so that when the difficult time of death arrives, you can dedicate yourself 100% to fire your pet as it deserves .

No worries, no surprises.

There are many options for when your pet dies , but of course, an individual, personalized and respectful farewell with your dear partner is the best option. With individual incineration in Cremascota you can ensure all this and much more.

Cremascota Insurance

Also we have the Cremascota Insurance , a facility of contracting the service of incineration and farewell that in this case is contracted for live pets . Payments can be postponed in up to 12 months at zero interest.

If you are clear that when the time comes you want to say goodbye to your pet in a special and individual way, this is the most suitable service. It also assures you a stable service price for 4 years (regardless of whether we vary our rates).

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