Additional Facial Care For A Radiant Complexion

The skin follows its own rhythm: at night you need a cream, which supports her regeneration, during the day a care with UV protection.

Since the skin around the eyes is particularly thin and prone to dryness, there are also special products for the eye part.

With best organic skin care You want to take care of your skin even more? Then use a serum whose high active substance concentration penetrates into deeper skin layers. Wear it best before day or night care.

Which active ingredients help against wrinkles?

Many anti-aging facial creams contain hyaluronic acid, an active ingredient that the body itself forms. Hyaluronic acid binds water and increases the moisture level of the skin.

Smoothing also affects squalene, which is obtained from olive oil, and an enzyme that is made from algae and repairs UV damage.

New in anti-aging care is ferulic acid, which neutralizes free radicals and supports other antioxidants in their work.

Do not forget your sunscreen!

UV rays can age the skin prematurely. Therefore you should not forget the sun protection, if you want to tan.

Even in winter, it makes sense to protect the skin from UV rays. Thus it loses less of tautness and substance, remains more regular and develops less wrinkles.

Live healthy

Too much stress makes the skin not only dull, but sometimes also impure and wrinkled. Take a break on a regular basis to relax, so you do not just have a good time for your skin.

This also applies to a healthy diet: radical scavengers such as vitamins, trace elements and secondary crops not only strengthen your health, but also help to reduce wrinkles.

If possible, abstain from tobacco consumption, because who smokes, increases the oxidative stress of the skin and accelerates the degradation of the connective tissue.

New and proven anti-aging methods against wrinkles

Botox is the classic in anti-aging treatment and provides firm facial skin.

Wrinkle-filling substances such as hyaluronic acid, collagen or plasmagel have also become established in anti-aging medicine.

A modern addition is the fractionated laser, which smoothes fine creases and gently balances loss of elasticity.

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