Diet Day: Standstill

Something like this happens during the diet. Although you have supposedly done everything right, the weight stagnates or even rises. There are many reasons for that. One reason is that on some days only the circumference decreases, but not the weight. I feel slimmer today than yesterday, although my scales show the same weight as yesterday. Such a thing is always frustrating, but with us women unfortunately normal. In my husband ‘s opinion, the scale did not show much less. He has already lost 4.5 kilos in time and feels dazzling.  hcg  diet foods helps to reduce weight .

In women, it is normal that the weight fluctuates and it is also normal that there are times when the kilos slow down more slowly. After the fourth or fifth day, the daily weight reduction decreases. It is very rare that the diet does not work with someone at all. The reasons why you sometimes lose weight are varied and not always easy to answer.

Here are the main reasons:

Stress is a frequent stumbling block, as the adrenal cortex increases the amount of cortisol. This leads to hot starvation and prevents fat burning.

Little sins “are played down. Food or vitamins, for example, are consumed with sugar, fats or false food. Always read the contents on the packs carefully and only eat allowed food!

Protein is not used or protein is always eaten. The adequate, varied and regular intake of proteins is important for success. If you are vegan or vegetarian, or you are taking less animal proteins, you can use a high-quality vegetable protein shake without soy, whey and sugar. Or you supplement the missing proteins with essential amino acids such as the product “Hormony Acht Aminos”

A weight loss can also be associated with ovulation or period. On some days you do not lose weight, but lose only your body circumference.

And last but not least, a common reason: It may be that you are quite close to your ideal weight and your body no longer has enough fat reserves. Then the weight loss is slow. It can also be that hunger emotions then set. If you come to a weight limit that you have never been before or a long time ago, your body may remember that threshold and it is hard for you to come under that brand. This phase can be very persistent and last for several days and even longer.

Excessive sports damage during the diet. So please do not do any sports where a lot of energy must be available quickly.

My husband over the diet already times the desire for something sweet. Fortunately for me this is less pronounced. But if you feel that something sweet has to be essential, here is a suggestion that goes fast. You can take other berries or Nescafe instead of the blueberries.

Blueberry quark:

2 servings, 70 kcal per serving


  • 125 g of blueberries, strawberries , etc.
  • 200 g low-fat 0.2% curd
  • 2 El erythritol or 1-2 spatter Stevia
  • a little water
  • 2 mint leaves


Wash berries carefully and place in a sieve. Frozen berries slightly defrost. Mix the berries with the remaining ingredients and place in a blender and finely puree. If you want to drink the desert, just add some water. Fill in two glasses and garnish with mint leaves.



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