Make Money Online With Loans

Meanwhile, I have really  easy ways to make money online on this blog. In this post I would like to introduce you to another. This is not that you should apply for a loan, but you want to offer a loan provider to potential borrowers. This business model works very well and is extremely lucrative. How exactly this works and how you can earn money online with credits, you will learn in the following.


The application of a credit on the Internet is becoming more and more popular. One reason for this is often the better condition compared to offline credit. If you look at the online offer and the numerous offerers, then it can be seen that the selection is huge. For the borrower, it is therefore more relaxed to research from home and, if necessary, to make an application immediately.

In the meantime, many offers are calculated in real time and the answer is immediately. This tendency clearly speaks of the fact that making money with credits can be a future-proof way of earning money .


Now, of course, the question arises how you can use this business model as an online entrepreneur. In principle it works very simply with affiliate marketing . You cooperate with different credit providers and these provide you with advertising material. Now you are working for the respective company and you get a commission for every successful mediation.



The selection of providers is very large. I would recommend you choose the best and most recommended partner programs and then start them. I have already gained some experience in this area and therefore present to you in the following 3 recommendable credit provider.

1 Tarifcheck24 Affiliate program

One of the largest lending programs is Tarifcheck24 . I have so far had very good experiences with it and find the selection of the advertising media as well as the amount of commissions very well. There is, for example, a Whitelabel tariff calculator, which can be easily installed on its website.

This allows your visitors to start a credit comparison and are forwarded directly to Tarifcheck24. The amount of commission on loans is 1.75% of the loan sum, which can be quite lucrative.

2 Auxmoney Affiliate Program

Auxmoney offers affiliate partners a lucrative affiliate program that allows you to earn up to € 790 per loan. Theoretically enough 3-4 of these negotiations are enough and you have a regular monthly wage in your account. The earned commission can be paid twice a month. You have the choice between videos, content on the Internet, text links and advertising banners.

3 Smava Affiliate Program

Another lucrative affiliate program for making money with credits is offered by Smava. The standard commission for a credit agreement is 1.75%. For partners who are very active and successfully negotiate, there is a premium commission of 2.50%. The Smava affiliate program is very advanced for advertisers and offers, among other things, a credit calculator as well as a Whitelabel credit form.


As you can see from the presented partner programs, the commissions in the field of online loans are quite lucrative. So it is possible to earn high commissions! This is not easy or with some work connected, we are sure.

There are a variety of ways you can get a loan to potential borrowers. If you have the financial resources, then a website on this topic is a good thing. But you should keep in mind that the competition is very strong in this segment. It does not go from today to tomorrow and of course you need good SEO knowledge.

Another option is through social media, especially with Facebook advertising . This variant is not quite as cost-intensive and can work well if you do it right.



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